Fertilovit®M - for Men Who Want to Conceive

Becoming a dad can be difficult...

Once the decision for a child has been taken, the exciting time of waiting for the desired positive pregnancy test commences. Unfortunately sometimes this doesn’t happen by itself. As has been shown by a considerable number of studies, male fertility is declining all over the world. One in ten couples experience problems conceiving and in at least 30 % this can be assigned to male fertility issues.

Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) offer support for couples who desire a child, but here, too, the quality of sperm used contributes significantly to the chances of success.



Diminished sperm count and quality can be caused by a variety of factors. Pollution, environmental hormones, decreasing food quality and others have been claimed to be responsible. More and more research has focused on oxidative stress and its detrimental effects on sperm health.


Oxidative stress

The term „oxidative stress” refers to the damage inflicted on cells by aggressive reactive oxygen species. Oocytes and sperms are particularly susceptible to these attacks. Normally the body has its own powerful range of defense mechanisms – the body’s own anti-oxidants – however, they are not always available in sufficient quantities. Stress, smoking and unhealthy eating habits can cause a lack of important vital substances. Amongst others, consequences may include an impairment of semen quality: Sperm counts decline, sperms are less motile and many even have DNA damages.


There is a lot a man can do!

However, the body constantly produces new sperms, and therefore there is usually a fair chance to improve future semen quality. Healthy lifestyle choices and additional supplementation of certain vital substances can contribute to healthy fertility. This applies to natural conception as well as to fertility treatment. Both benefit substantially from good semen quality.


Nutritioanl support of healthy sperm development

Fertilovit® M micronutrient preparations are dietetic foods for special medical purposes or food supplements. They contain a combination of micronutrients that contribute to healthy spermatogenesis and protect sperms from oxidative stress by supplying vitamin C with sustained release in combination with other vital anti-oxidants such as glutathione and its precursor N-acetyl-cysteine.

Simultaneously they stabilize the genito-urinary tract with anti-inflammatory lycopene and promote homocysteine metabolism with folic acid.

Fertilovit® Mplus offers an additional support of sperm development. It contains citrulline, a building block of proteins which not only has been shown to contribute to healthy sperm quality, but also promotes male erection.

Fertilovit® MT is a food supplement for daily use containing low-dose micronutrients for healthy sperm development in combination with taurine.


Whereas Fertilovit® M and Fertilovit® Mplus are designed for a short-term, intensive regimen, Fertilovit® MT has been developed to meet the requirements of men who want to have a daily supplement supporting healthy sperm development.


Fertilovit® M – proven effectiveness

The micronutrient preparations Fertilovit® M and Fertilovit® Mplus were clinically tested and effectiveness has been proven in cooperation with a renowned European fertility center (http://www.fertilovit.de/en-us/studien/fertilovitm.aspx).

Fertilovit® M Capsules featuring N-acetyl-cysteine and sustained vitamin C release for anti-oxidative support of sperm development.

Fertilovit® Mplus – Capsules featuring the known Fertilovit® M formula with additional citrulline and sustained vitamin C release for the optimized anti-oxidative support of sperm development.

Fertilovit® MT - Food supplement with zinc and selenium for healthy male fertility in combination with precious antioxidants and taurine